With Raw Gear, you get all the nutrition you need, as well as the potent energy, all without the extra added sugar. So, why should you rather choose a zero sugar product over a sugar added product? You’ve probably read this a million times before, but it’s worth retelling… Firstly, in order to understand why sugar is so bad for you, you must understand what sugar is made up of. Sugars are broken down into two simple sugars, Glucose and Fructose. Glucose is found in every living cell, and our bodies produce it. Fructose are not produced by our bodies, and there is no biological need for it. For people who eat large amounts of fructose from added sugars, this gets turned into fat in the liver. This process can lead to fatty liver and various other serious health problems. That's right: Sugar can also cause insulin resistance, which is a stepping ladder towards diabetes. There is also significant evidence that sugar, due to its harmful effects on metabolism, can contribute to cancer. Not only the various health risks, added sugar contains no essential nutrients and it is bad for your teeth. Like drugs, sugar causes a release of dopamine (dopamine is an organic chemical that plays several important roles in the brain and body), which makes sugar highly addictive. The way that sugar affects hormones in our body and in the brain is a recipe for a health disaster. These few facts alone suggest that the single most important change that any person can make to their diet is to cut back on all added sugars, and Raw Gear does just that. Here at Raw Gear, We want to be part of the revolution against sugar. So go on, try one of our products today. Zero Sugar guaranteed!