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Pre Workout Amplifier

Raw Gear Chaos is the most aggressive, hardcore pre workout. You will experience absolute mental focus, massive energy, beta-alanine tingles and instant creatine power all while lifting with pump induced muscles. Chaos is for the big dogs that can handle huge caffeine, leucine and citrulline dosages. Throw in a massive beta-alanine dosage alongside a serious vitamin blend and anabolic betaine and you have a system that offers serious gains and endurance benefits inside and outside the gym. Not for the timid, not for the weak and not for the beginner by any means! If you don’t quite understand what we’re getting at by calling this a hardcore pre-workout, then you’re better off staying away from Raw Gear Chaos. Zero artificial colours or flavours.

When to use

Raw Gear Chaos should be consumed as a pre workout drink.

  • Animal Intensity Pre Workout
  • Instant Creatine Power
  • Citrulline Pumps
  • Anabolic Betaine
  • Vitamin Blend
  • 1kg Weight
  • 33 Servings per Container

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