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Bigger, Stronger and More Aggressive

Raw Gear shook the nutritional supplements market by launching Recovery. Recovery is on a higher level when compared against other proteins. Each ingredient was carefully thought of, aimed at being a part of a formula that activates maximum recuperation levels and facilitates the definition process. Raw Gear Recovery boasts the quickest absorption rate in the market. Since it already comes broken down into short peptic chains, it gets into the bloodstream quicker than any other whey. With Reovery, you start building muscle tissue immediately after the workout. Within the 30 minutes after working out, the body experiences a phenomenon known as “anabolic window”. In this period, the muscles become available to immediately absorb all the nutrients they are given. Fast absorbing protein, blended in a perfect ratio with fast absorbing carbs maximises creatine uptake. Recovery is perfect post-workout and as the ultimate cutting phase and muscle building protein supplement! It is perfect for anybody looking for a high quality protein source capable of assisting daily protein requirements which maximises muscle growth. Get that anabolic response with Raw Gear Recovery. Zero artificial colours or flavours.

When to use

Raw Gear Shredded should be consumed as a post workout shake.

  • Post Workout Anabolic Blast
  • Fast Absorbing
  • 92% Protein
  • Fast Acting Hydro Protein
  • Balanced Carbohydrate Load
  • 2kg Weight
  • 60 Servings per Container

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