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Ultimate Cutting and Muscle Building Protein

Purer and tastier, with added Tonalin CLA and Green Tea. Raw Gear Shredded has arrived. Raw Gear Shredded is the best solution for gaining lean muscle, increasing strength and cutting unwanted fat. In fact, Shredded contains a special protein formula with high digestibility, developed to obtain lean muscle, preventing catabolism and promoting anabolic processes. Raw Gear Shredded’s advanced formula has been developed for those athletes who want to exceed their limits all the time! If we think about some shelves, the normal whey will be placed on the lower shelf and Raw Gear Shredded on the upper. This is because it is much more than just a simple whey powder, thanks not only to it’s quality, purity, taste and dissolution, but also to it’s results! Unleash the inner beast, whatever it takes with Raw Gear Shredded. Zero artificial colours or flavours.

When to use

Raw Gear Shredded should be consumed as a meal replacement during a cutting phase.

  • Ultimate Cutting Phase Protein
  • Increased Thermogenesis
  • All Day Anabolic Response
  • Green Tea
  • Tonalin CLA
  • 2kg Weight
  • 66 Servings per Container

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